Voodoo Child

Not quite a Hendrix, but for some reason the title resonated... Anyways, this is finally done. I've never quite fully understood what being done means, but I feel this one is resolved. Pretty happy with it, I especially like a few abstract moments and open color areas.

Recently, moreso than ever, I've been asking myself why I used to paint in a somewhat detailed manner. I wonder what drove me to resolve more intricately certain images, or at times, to indiscriminately "finish" every single area in a painting. And all I could come up with is that I wanted to see if I could paint those things. I realized that I wasn't really paying attention to the overall image, but I was trying to prove to myself that I wasn't going to forget about elements in the painting, that may very well have been irrelevant to the idea behind the image.

Nowadays, and I have no idea if this shows and I hope it doesn't come off as lazyness, I try to understand what it is I'm trying to say, and concentrate solely on those elements. There are important but secondary moments in a painting that can't be overlooked, but having hierarchy in terms of paint quality and resolution in an image really interests me now...


carmackart said...

A stunning piece. Finishing, not finishing, prioritizing, there's no rules but the internal logic of each individual painting. I love the fact that you let your work vary so much.

Juan DIego said...

Hola acabo de topar con tu trabajo y me parece genial tu visión y tu historia y que seas de aquí de Bogotá. Ojala sigas teniendo éxitos y mas que nada encontrando lo que te gusta hacer, de nuevo felicitaciones me fascinó tu trabajo, me inspira muchísimo a seguir con lo mio..

Juan Y Diego

Timothy Rodriguez said...

Man, i love your work, i'm speechless.
Keep up the good work!!!

Vincent Nappi said...

I just recently got turned onto your work, Mr. Uribe. Wow, really great stuff.

I don't know if you know what the Illustration Academy is or not, (http://www.illustrationacademy.com/new/index.html) but one of the main things they try to drive home there is that if the whole composition isn't working together, then no amount of rendering will be able to save it. Variety too, is something that the eye needs, areas of finish and areas that aren't fully resolved. Ultimately I find the kind of images where I need to think a little (and consequently discover more the more I look) are so much more rewarding.

This picture of your's is definately rewarding.

Marinello said...

I totally agree on this Nicolas, It is very pleasant to read it expressed with your own words. I will keep reading :)