I was a bit hesitant in showing this commissioned piece, mainly because it's somewhat of a departure from my work, but in paintings like these I like to remind myself that I actually am an illustrator (at least it says so in the diploma... truth is I am one at heart). I have always believed that each image sets its own rules in terms of how it should be resolved. I don't want to call it style... I guess thinking of it solely as a manner of formally resolving something can make the act of painting mechanic and eventually superficial.

What I do believe in is having an image establish certain parameters of how it should be painted... but I guess not how it should be solved universally, but how it should be worked depending on the painter...

Now I'm just rambling... Maybe these are all excuses I make up just so I can grant myself the right to paint whatever the hell I want to paint and do it however the hell I want to do it.

Here's one of the things I'm currently working on (because all the others can't be any more different than this one...)

Crazy glare in this bad pic because of all the thick paint, but I hope you guys get the idea...



This was a painting from my show earlier this year; I'm posting it now because I didn't have a decent picture of it. A couple of students were fine models for this disgrace of an Elvgren. It's about love, about weed... pretty much about art school.