Some Photos

My son Samuel and my niece Cristina. Love taking photos of them...


Back Home

I got back home from my trip to Missouri, with a great sense of satisfaction. The talk I was dreading so much actually turned out to be really cool, and while I was exhausted I did an OK demo. Nothing spectacular I'm afraid, but OK. I don't know why but I wanted to work on a Clayboard sooo bad, and it was horrible... I mean it's actually a wonderful support, but for an alla prima painting it sucks... literally it sucks everything. So it was hard to work around a tough surface to paint on, but it went ok...

As far as the people, they couldn't have been nicer. They treated me better than I deserve to be treated, and the students as well as fellow teachers listened to everything I had to say. It was really encouraging to see that people payed attention to what I talked about, and respected my opinion. Anyways, in the end, it was a great experience.

I went to the museum and was happily surprised by some stuff in their collection. They had great Kiefers, Richters and Beckmans. I also took a pic of nice Frans Hals hand... very cool.

So here are some pics...



I painted this one in the beginning of the year but didn't take a decent photo of it until today... the whole image was just a pretext to paint the striped shirt :)

This week I'll be off to Fontbonne University in St Louis to do some workshops! I also have to do a 2 hr. talk... for the ones who know me, they know that 2 hours of me talking is cake... they'll have to eventually shut me up. BUT 2 hours of something worth listening to... well that's a whole other issue. I'll post some pics once I get back!