Peka Kucha Night

I was asked by fellow artist and teacher Nobara Catalina Hayakawa, to participate in a Peka Kucha night here in Bogotá on Feb. 20th at Quinta Galería http://www.quintagaleria.com/QuintaGaleria.htm . This one is a global iniciative to gather funds for Haiti. For those of you who are not familiar with what Peka Kucha is (as I was), here are some links.



For some reason it seems like speed-dating to me, but I'm sure it will be fun. I want to show my work, but I don't really want to make my presentation about my work... I just find it weird when an artist talks about his or her work... We visual artists supposedly create images that speak for us...

Anyways, please support a good cause, it will certainly be fun, and the presenters seem like wonderfully interesting people (as opposed to the guy writing this...)


Kenichi Hoshine said...

Great piece for a great cause. Hope you are well Nicolas.

Francis Vallejo said...

Hi Nicolas, as Kenichi said, great work!! Always wait on pins and needles for a new post. So inspiring!

sandra flood said...

"We visual artists supposedly create images that speak for us..."
Couldn't agree with you more!
Amazing,amazing work!