Wet Collodion

I have been obsessing about Wet Plate Photography for a while now, soon after seeing some Wet Collodion Plates over the internet and in some alternate photo publications. They are so close to what I want and try to achieve in terms of image with my painting that it only seemed obvious, at least for me, to try and pursue this wonderful but cumbersome technique. There's a sort of beautiful imperfect quality to them, and the process is just pure magic. It had been nothing but horribly frustrating but yesterday, after a lot, and I mean A LOT, of trial and error, I finally got an image.

Here's my Dad.


Camilo said...

Eso va por muy buen camino Nicolás; ya veremos a dónde irá a llegar, y qué va a hacer con la pintura.

Hattermad said...

Seeing the pic before I read your note under it, I thought "that looks like a photo of how he paints..."