New Painting Blog

It is with high hopes that I start this small blog to inform people of the current state of my painting and teaching. I have to admit it will be hard to avoid not mentioning or posting photos of my son Samuel here and there, but I promise I will try and keep it short.

So please, don't forget to check in here from time to time to check current news regarding my work.

Hope to hear from everyone!


Alex said...

I thought I would be the first to comment on your blog. Your work is excellent and as a fellow artist I wanted to reach out to you and tell you that you are one of the very few artists I've stumbled across whose work doesn't bore me to death.


Alex Sabourin

Sarnia said...

Hi Nicolás,

Will you soon be adding a "2009" tab to your website gallery? I keep checking as your work continues to inspire me.

Has your book been published yet?

Guernsey, Channel Islands.

Benjaminoo said...

Great! Your work is really inspiring!

Jorge Biego said...

-que bueno encontrar tu blog!tambien es interesante ver a que artistas seguis o tenes conexión.

suerte,nos vemos ciaoo.Jorge

untitled boy said...

hey nicolas
bueno me encontre hoy con tu blog.. hace mucho queria saber de tus trabajos y bueno de vos.
tambien estuve pegadisimo leyendo porque me sirve para mi ingles.
acabo de lanzar my web por estos dias
si la quiers ver es www.studiokal.com
un abrazo

Beaded Jewelry said...

Is it your best effort??. I really liked it very much amazing work. But I think no, you can do more now from here........ We wish you all the best for this memorable paintings, by the team of Famous Artists??

MirTohid Razavi said...

Thanks For sharing your life! and Paintings. i love all of your works.

Percilliano said...

miss it