I feel this one is done... I had a different intention when I visulized what I wanted to do originally, and I swear I have no idea how it developed itself into a sort of traditional portrait, but what's most important, at least to me with this particular painting, was achieved.  He had this look, this really specific look that I wanted to hint at (again, originally), because I didn't want to describe it. So god knows why I ended up describing the features, but I feel it was in an effort to go towards whatever I was hoping to communicate... (talk about being vague...) Aaaaanyways, it's done. Hope you guys like it.


Camilo said...

Fantástico Nicolás, es Juan Camilo absolutamente, y ambos sabemos que es algo que ninguna fórmula permite lograr... el objetivo fue cumplido.

Kenichi Hoshine said...

Nice portrait man!